We work hard to empower consumers with easy-to-understand information about money, debt, credit and a variety of subjects surrounding personal finance.  We pride ourselves on helping you find solutions and answers to your problems – it is part of our founding vision.  Here’s what our customers are saying about our books and their success:

Ben S - Missoula, MT

“I don’t make many recommendations, but your e-books are ones I highly recommend. If you are in debt or having problems with your creditors, these books are a must. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve changed the way I think about my life, money and debt. It’s back to the basics for me.”

Rita G – Elgin, IL

“You, This World and Your Money, How to Get Out of Debt, and When the Bill Collector Calls – THE PERFECT TRIO!”

Carlos M – Memphis, TN

“I bought The Credit Handbook and Common Sense to Savings because of a problem a family member was having. I was hoping they would shed some light on a solution. Not only did the books provide solutions, but they showed me where I was going wrong myself. These are small powerful books and well worth the cost.”

Roger R – Sacramento, CA

“Who’s In Your Wallet? No one – Now that I’ve read the book!”

Linda P – Portland, OR

“I loved your debt and credit books. They were easy to read and to understand. I’m on my way to being debt free. Thank you for helping me reach what I once thought was an impossible dream.”

Wilma T - Kenner, LA

“You, This World and Your Money, Who’s In Your Wallet and How to Get Out of Debt, really got my attention and motivated me to get financial life in order. I was surely on the wrong path, but thanks to these books, I’m on a corrected path with a realistic plan! I can’t begin to tell you how much these books have transformed my life. Thank you Debt Wise Solutions!”

Lawrence O – Glendora, CA

“Great book! I wish the principles outlined in “You, This World and Your Money” were explained to me years ago. I have since shared the book with my parents and my sister because they need to know the truth.”

Donna Y – Reno, NV

“The Credit Handbook – What an awesome book full of information that actually works. The book helped me get a credit card on your website. Thank you.”

Richard D – Harrisburg, PA

“Good information, detailed information, necessary information throughout all four books that I bought. My favorites: You, This World and Your Money and Who’s in Your Wallet.”

Kim C – Perris, CA

“When the Bill Collector Calls is a great book! It walked me through the process of setting up the debt collector, who was breaking the law, and I used their greed against them. I can’t help but chuckle when I think about it.”

Marla W - San Jose, CA

“I am writing to commend your books on debt, credit and money. They are a great tool for credit amateurs and novices! I’m in the process of buying my first car and your books offered great tips and helpful information. Plus I got my first credit card on your website. I will most surely use the website again in the future.”

Josephine L – Santa Fe, NM

“I just wanted to say thank you for writing these great books. I bought them all because my family and I were in financial disarray. They’ve helped us re-focus our priorities and concentrate on what really matters. God Bless You Debt Wise Solutions.”

Amber G – Medford, OR

“I bought four books; You, This World and Your Money, Common Cents for Savings, The Credit Handbook and Who’s in Your Wallet. These are wonderful, comprehensive books that actually help! I have gained so much knowledge. Thank you.”

Gayle H – Round Rock, TX

“I was really impressed with the books, How to Get Out of Debt and Who’s in Your Wallet. After reading those two, I bought them all. All the books were easy to read, easy to understand and full of powerful and useful information that’s beneficial to consumers.”

Brianna L – Newark, NJ

“I am pleased that someone finally said what needed to be said as it relates to an individual, debt and money. You, This World and Your Money provides such insight with its Preventive Financial Maintenance philosophy. I believe if more people would read this book and adopt the philosophy, they would truly be better off. I commend Debt Wise Solutions for making this book free and practicing what they preach.”

Alberto R – Santa Ana, CA

“I have benefited greatly from all of your books. My wife and I have a plan now. We’ve consolidated our debt, protected our personal information and are saving money. We look to be debt free in three years. You guys rock!”

Ann B – St. Paul, MN

“Trust was a big issue for me when dealing with a company and their website. I bought three of your books and loved them. They pointed out the areas where I was wasting money and explained how I should correct it. The books gave me great financial insight as to what I should be doing. Thank you Debt Wise Solutions.”

Michelle K – Dayton, OH

“I bought two more of your books after reading You, This World and Your Money. I can’t believe someone is putting valuable information in an affordable easy to read format that actually helps the average person. I look forward to more of your books in the future.”

Julie L - Fairfield, CA

“Debt Wise Solutions you have TRANSFORMED my life. The information in “You, This World and Your Money” and “Common Cents for Savings” was absolutely fantastic. The principals and philosophy in these books are ones everyone should learn and understand prior to their teenage years. Thank you guys for all your help.”

Annette S – Seattle, WA

“Common Cents to Savings is a great book! It really puts savings into perspective so you understand the basic Common Sense behind the book. The book has helped me tremendously. Thank you.”

Yolanda S – Charlotte, NC

“I had checked other debt sites on the net. Most of them wanted to sell me a Get-out-of-Debt Kit and others wanted to negotiate or consolidate my debt for a huge fee. I didn’t know how to deal with my creditors or how to get out of debt. Everyone charges so much for information that doesn’t help you. Your books are priced so anyone can afford them and they actually help you.”

Raymond M – Houston, TX

“After getting myself into a mess with credit cards, I lost my job and money was tight. Debt collectors began calling and my family could no longer help me. I thought about bankruptcy until I visited your website. I bought all of your books and they have helped me tremendously. I can’t believe there’s a company out there for the little guy. Debt Wise Solutions you are a blessing in disguise.”

Marie A – Phoenix, AZ

“These are nifty books with tons of useful information. I bought them all and recommend them for folks in need of this type of information. A great place to start!”

Michael B – Oklahoma City, OK

“I found the information in The Credit Handbook, Your Guide to Credit, Debt and Savings, and Common Cents to Savings very useful to me since my credit was rated very bad. I saw where I was able to improve and for the first time saw improvement as I was able to get a secured credit card on your site. I will continue to use these books and will go to your website in the future as a way to stay informed financially.”

Sarah F – Des Moines, IA

“Countless thanks for opening my eyes on how to correct my debt, credit and collection problems. Step by step I’m getting closer to being debt free”

Heidi P – Tampa, FL

“I felt When the Bill Collector Calls was very informative when it comes to dealing with collection agencies. I think that there was too much legal language for the average person, but besides that, it had some great information that you can use right now. The best part is the section on how to sue a debt collector or collection agency. I found that valuable.”

Marcus L – Las Vegas, NV

“I bought all your books. They’re excellent! They’re full of practical information and solutions on many financial issues which people are facing here in the U.S. I enjoyed the fact that you guys were kind enough to answer a personal question I had by phone. Thank you Debt Wise Solutions.”

Darlene C – Rosemead, CA

“Very good book, accurate and it works. I highly recommend Discover What Collection Agencies Don’t Want You to Know to all consumers who are being harassed or receiving calls from a collection agency.”

Johanna R – Denver, CO

“Absorbed my three books like a sponge. They have helped me come up with a plan of action and determine how to tackle my debt, boost my credit score, build a savings and protect my personal information.”

Laura B – Atlanta, GA

“I started by buying Your Guide to Credit, Debt and Savings. After that book put me on a positive path, I bought the remaining books. Your books really work together to help you financially. They expose the problem with debt, but also give you solutions to get out of the hole, build your credit, start saving money and make yourself financially healthy.”

Charles T – Somerville, MA

“How to Get Out of Debt was easy to read and understand. The solutions work because the book is simple. The solutions work because the book gets to the heart of the problem with money, you.”

Andrea J – Wichita, KS

“I loved all the books. They’ve helped me so much and have enriched my life. I’ve truly changed my thinking about money and debt. Keep up the great work.”

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