Are debt collectors harassing you?
Are you screening your calls for fear it’s a collection call?
Are debt collectors threatening to file a lawsuit?


It’s Time to Fight Back!

Discover What Collection Agencies Don’t Want You to Know…
• Stop the letters and phone calls immediately.
• Stop paying the collection agency interest.
• Find an attorney and file a lawsuit.

This book is the little brother to “When the Bill Collector Calls.” It is a faster read, concise, full of dynamite answers and solutions that will be at your fingertips to help you turn the tables on rude harassing debt collectors!


Excessive Debt and Dealing with Debt Collectors Can Literally Drain the Life Out of You.

In this dismal economy, thousands of good people like you have hit a bit of bad financial luck. In life unforeseen circumstances do happen. A divorce, death in the family, a vehicle breakdown, a medical emergency or a loss of job; unexpected things do happen to good people. You shouldn’t be treated unfairly, harassed or disrespected because of a temporary financial bind.

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Stop Their Illegal Practices & Threats

  • Learn what you must do immediately once you’re contacted by a debt collector (and what to do if you’re already communicating with them).
  • Learn how to file claims and lawsuits against debt collectors and collection agencies (it’s not as hard as you think).
  • Discover how to identify a violation by a debt collector.
  • How to avoid being sued and what debt collectors can really do when it comes to garnishing your wages.

Need a lawyer?



This amazing book reveals every rule the “debt collection industry” is aware of, but doesn’t ever want you to know! Debt collectors often violate the law and seldom is anything ever done because most consumers know little about their rights or laws that apply to the debt collection industry.

We explain your rights, spelling-out the laws that govern the industry in plain simple English. Once the debt collector breaks the law, you have several remedies at your disposal.

For example –

You May Be Entitled to Cash Compensation

  • Expert Global Solutions agrees to pay $3.2 Million for illegal debt collection calls…
  • West Asset Management, Inc. settles consumer complaints for $2.8 Million…
  • Houston based debt collector pays $240,000 for violating debt collection laws…
  • Debt collector, J. Rausch, settles case for $1 Million for illegal collection practices…
  • Capital Acquisition & Management Corp, (CAMCO) and RM Financial Services Inc, and their principals pay $300,000 for violations.
  • And the list goes on and on…

The Federal Trade Commission receives more complaints about the billion dollar debt collection industry than any other specific industry, which is designed to scare, intimidate and embarrass consumers to pay debts that they often do not owe.

Don’t Allow Them to Continue Their Ways of Harassment and Intimidation.
We believe you can use the information in this book to your advantage.

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Stop the Madness

Put a stop to the misery right now! It doesn’t matter if you know anything about the debt collection industry. The information in this book is very easy to understand. You’ll quickly grasp everything you need to know to protect yourself, your rights, and your credit when dealing with an abusive and harassing debt collector. You’ll get everything you need to create a new financial outlook on life.

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