Are you drowning in debt?  
Are you barely making ends meet?
Are debt collectors harassing you?

 What we’re about to share with you is something your creditors and collection agencies don’t ever want you to know…secret

  • Payco American Corporation agrees to pay $500,000 to settle allegations it harassed consumers in collecting money on behalf of creditors.
  • National Check Control slapped with a $10.2 million judgment for violating collection industry laws and regulations.
  • United Recovery Systems of Houston, Texas agrees to pay $240,000 for violating the rights of Spanish speaking consumers.

Nothing Can Ruin Your Day Like a Call From a Debt Collector

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There are thousands of good people just like you who, for some unforeseen reason, hit a bit of bad financial luck. In life unforeseen circumstances do happen. A death in the family, a divorce, a vehicle breakdown, loss of job or a medical emergency; unexpected things do happen to good people. And when life occurs, you should not be treated unfairly, harassed or disrespected because of a temporary financial bind.

Stop the Madness – Fight Back

Information is now available that breaks the strangle hold that debt collectors and collection agencies have had on consumers for decades. This book reveals to you, the facts and truth about your creditors, debt collectors and collection agencies. You’re about to learn every trick in the arsenal to keep debt collectors in check! This amazing book reveals every rule the “debt collection industry” is aware of, but doesn’t ever want you to know!

Discover How You Can

  • Stop the letters and phone calls immediately.
  • Stop paying the collection agency interest.
  • Find an attorney and file a lawsuit.

The rules and laws that govern the debt collection industry allow you (the consumer) to file lawsuits against a bill collector or collection agency. Debt collectors often violate the law, and seldom is there anything done because most consumers know very little about their rights or the laws that apply to the debt collection industry.

We explain your rights, spelling-out the laws that govern the industry in plain simple English. Once the debt collector breaks the law, you have several remedies at your disposal. For example –


You May Be Entitled to Cash Compensation

  • Expert Global Solutions agrees to pay $3.2 Million for illegal debt collection calls…
  • West Asset Management, Inc. settles consumer complaints for $2.8 Million…
  • Houston based debt collector pays $240,000 for violating debt collection laws…
  • Debt collector, J. Rausch, settles case for $1 Million for illegal collection practices…
  • Capital Acquisition & Management Corp, (CAMCO) and RM Financial Services Inc, and their principals pay $300,000 for violations.
  • And the list goes on and on…


Here’s a Fact

The growth of consumer debt in the United States has grown to astronomical proportions over the past ten years. Along with it has grown the billion dollar debt collection industry designed to scare, intimidate and embarrass consumers to pay debts that they often do not owe. The FTC receives more complaints about the debt collection industry than any other specific industry.

  • The total number of complaints received in 2012 was 125,136.
  • 36.5% of the complaints claimed that debt collectors harassed the consumer by calling repeatedly or continuously.
  • 38.9% of complaints were about the debt collector misrepresenting the character, amount, or legal status of the debt.
  • 13% or 13,329 complaints claimed the collector used obscene, profane or abusive language.
  • Almost 50% of complaints were about abusive and harassing behavior.
  • Stop Their Illegal Practices and Threats

    • Learn what you must do immediately once you’re contacted by a debt collector (and what to do if you’re already communicating with them).
    • How to protect yourself, your credit and settle past due accounts for pennies on the dollar.
    • Discover how to identify a violation by a debt collector.
    • Learn how to file claims and lawsuits against debt collectors and collection agencies (it’s not as hard as you think).
    • How to avoid being sued and what debt collectors can really do when it comes to garnishing your wages.

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So Exactly How Much Does it Cost to Get All the Secrets, Techniques and Tips?


Only $9.95

That’s all!   Just $9.95 to have the secrets of the “Debt Collection Profession” uncovered and placed at your fingertips!
Don’t Allow Them to Continue Their Ways of Harassment and Intimidation.
We believe you can use the information in this book to your advantage.

Be Proactive

retro business scene of angry man at desk.Consider this: If your situation continues on the path that
it’s on with abusive bill collectors calling you all hours of the

  • Will you then worry night and day on how to make ends meet after your paycheck is garnished?
  • Will you just give up and be at the mercy of the bill collector who is only concerned about the commission he can make by destroying your life?

tired indian businesswomanYou can screen your phone calls, but the problem will still be there. Excessive debt and dealing with bill collectors can literally drain the life out of you. It is stressful and exhausting… it leads to endless worrying, frustration and other aliments of stress.

Why would you allow yourself to go through that?

Take a Moment to Think About This

$9.95 is a pain-less drop in the bucket compared to the money you’ll be out of if you continue on the path that you’re on. The money you can save from using the information in this book is immeasurable.

If you don’t take action while this is fresh in your mind, then when will you?
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Read Some of Their Stories

It doesn’t matter if you know anything about the debt collection industry. The information in this book is easy to understand. You’ll quickly grasp everything you need to know in no time at all. You’ll get everything you need to create a new financial outlook on life.

If you’re tired of the stress and harassing phone calls and want a different outlook on life,
Do Something About It Now!

Immediately after your payment, you’ll be able to download this incredible book and begin reading the exciting secrets and techniques that you can put to use against any debt collector who is abusive, rude, harassing and more than likely, breaking the law. You’ll get everything you need to turn your financial life around and start transforming your life!

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